Industrial Fire & Thermal Asset Protection
  • Certified and tested products to international standards

MCL Unitex is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of flexible passive fire protection systems incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1997 and is accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

We have extensive experience in the design, testing and manufacture of our products and our team is ready to offer our highly specialised sealing systems, which are rated to resist Cellulosic, Hydrocarbon & Jet Fire hazards. We also offer products that include protection from dynamic blast forces and cryogenic temperatures or simply wet weather scenarios.

Successful testing of MCL’s sealing systems have proven our products integrity, stability and fire resisting properties. Our systems have been tested in accordance to International Standards or Project Specific requirements and have received product Type Approvals or Project Appraisals from class leading authorities.

In addition to our flexible sealing systems, we also supply Fire and Jet Fire resistant jacketing as a European agent to Ancloz based in Singapore.

What we do

MCL design, test and manufacture products that are employed to protect Industrial Assets from thermal, fire, jet fire & explosion hazards.

Taking our clients technical requirements, we may offer seals from our tried & tested product range. Or If we are unable to offer a solution from our extensive library of certification, we may be able to offer our “Type Approvals” or “Project Appraisals” service. This service considers all aspects of our clients’ needs from consultation to final product delivery.

All our fire seal manufacturing is completed by our parent company with whom we share offices and administration services. MCL employ a team of trained and time served staff that specialise in the manufacturing of our products.

We do not subcontract the manufacturing of fire seals to other subcontractors, therefore allowing us to monitor and control the manufacturing processes and delivery schedules.

Thank you for visiting our website, our specialist sales team are here to help with any questions you may have concerning your passive fire protection requirement.


MCL specialise in the supply of wraparound pipe penetration seals that vary from simple dust covers to our flagship jet fire resistant seals.

Pipe penetration seals can be supplied in almost any size and shape, restricted only by the weight of the seal and our physical ability to process the materials. Its rare to find a seal that is too big for our team to manage.

We can also supply enclosure systems for thermal only requirements up to UL 1709 and ISO 22899-1 fire and jet fire resistant ratings. These are all custom made to bespoke dimensions. This is often useful where access restrictions apply for larger parts.

Module seals may be used where open gaps are better protected by strips of seal. All our seal specifications can be offered for "Appraisal" where no obvious certified seal system can be adopted. MCL's fabric based fire seals offer superior flexibility in use and are ideally placed where movement may compromise fire seal integrity.

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Testing & Type Approvals

From conceptual design to product and documentation delivery, MCL has proven we can manage all aspects of project development. MCL’s experienced team can take your wish list and turn it into a project reality. Taking abstract ideas to development & testing of components up to final validation, witnessed by your preferred certifying authority.

Recently we have completed multiple blast, jet fire, cryogenic, hydrocarbon and leakage tests across our range of seals. These tests encompassed single pipe, multi-pipe, and elbow configurations with more tests due soon.

If you are looking for fire and blast resisting products to protect new generation electric technologies then we would be pleased to consider your application.

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Our skilled workforce has attended multiple fire tests so understand that every stitch counts when it comes to holding back the flames.

Every item is tailormade by hand, we do not use automated machinery during the manufacturing process.

Whether we are requested to make a simple flat panel, or complex three dimensional geometries, we give each item the highest attention to detail in order to ensure delivery is on time and to the size and shape required.

If it is not right, it doesn’t leave the factory.

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Why buy from MCL?

MCL has proven itself as a supplier for multiple large projects for offshore oil and gas facilities. Whether you need a single small seal, or a schedule of items, our team has provided services that regularly receive high scores in customer perception surveys. We challenge you to compare our attention to detail against our competitors, we feel confident you won't be disappointed.

So, whatever process route is appropriate, MCLs specialist passive fire protection engineers will provide an end-to-end solution to exactly suit their client's fire hazard scenario.

MCL Unitex is a wholly owned subsiduary of the Isolated Systems Group, a leading provider of acoustic, antivibration and thermal insulation systems.