Industrial Fire & Thermal Asset Protection
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Our Products

All MCL’s passive fire protection products are retro fit systems, designed to be fitted onto or around the item requiring protection without disassembly of any feed pipes, cables or accessories.

In most cases, our products can also be removed for inspection and maintenance purposes without the need of additional parts or specialist tools.

Our products are protected from the weather under a silicone coated fabric. Silicone offers excellent rain & U.V. resistance and is used in many offshore applications.

The base fabric offers various degrees of robustness. Where products need high resistant to wear and tear, a Kevlar® fabric might be adopted. For less demanding applications, a glass fabric may be used.

The few products that are not protected by silicone are normally used in high temperature applications that include exhaust and turbine installations, in these cases continuous working temperatures may be as high as 550 degrees Celsius and products designed on a case-by-case basis. Or where chemical spill may be a concern and the outer coating is best suited to resist the chemical in question.

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Our hand-built, bespoke products fall into the following product categories: