Industrial Fire & Thermal Asset Protection
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Module Seal Systems

Based on the technologies designed into MCL’s own pipe penetration seal, Module seals, sometime known in the industry as “Skirt seals” have been developed to fill longer gaps that need fire protecting.

Module seals are designed by calculation to allow flexibility & movement between bulkheads and decks.

As the application for module seal lengths can vary from the periphery of a doorway to the periphery of a platform, it is not always possible to offer Type Approval status. This is because our module seals are supplied in small, manageable sections of less than 25 kg each for manual handling.

Each section of seal having a bonding area to allow extension to another sections. These are truly bespoke products.

This method of supply greatly benefits the installer and makes shipping and storage easier to manage.

Designed to fit individual customers’ requirement, most units will be supplied un-punched and in easy to handle sections.

Where necessary, we will be pleased to help you gain Project Approval for your application by supplying supporting test results and references.

MCL’s Module Seal Systems have been certified by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for hydrocarbon and jet fire scenarios.