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Fire Sealing Guide

In addition to our fully updated “Guide to Fire Sealing” booklet, we have also produced eight other publications covering all aspects of our fire protection technologies for you to review.

The booklets have been designed to help you answer technical queries about our products. Certificates and data sheets can be supplied on application.

The pamphlets are colour coded for ease of recognition and cover the following topics:

  1. A Guide To Fire Sealing.
  2. Data Sheet for Cryogenic Seal Systems.
  3. Data Sheet for General Seal Arrangements.
  4. Data Sheet for Weather Resistant Seals.
  5. Jet Fire Seals.
  6. MCL Fireproof Enclosure Systems.
  7. MCL Seal Systems.
  8. Site Survey Guide.
  9. Seal Installation Procedures.
  10. Due 2024, Hydrocarbon Seal Systems.

If you are unable to find the answer to your query, then do not hesitate to contact us.

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Brochure Downloads

  • A Guide to Fire Sealing

  • Our updated Guide to fire Sealing, if you are new to the MCL fire seal range, this document will provide you with the information you need to get started.
  • Download File  (9.27 MB)

  • Cryogenic Seals

  • This document details the seal arrangement for Cryogenic seals.
  • Download File  (8.27 MB)

  • General Seal Arrangements

  • This document details the seals fixing and necessary space for each seal rating.
  • Download File  (9.06 MB)

  • Weather Resistant Seals

  • This document details our non-rated systems.
  • Download File  (7.31 MB)

  • Jet Fire Seals

  • This document details our Jet Fire seal systems.
  • Download File  (8.93 MB)

  • Seal Installation Procedures

  • This document details the installation procedures required for our standard sealing systems.
  • Download File  (21.24 MB)

  • MCL Seal Systems

  • This document details the package contents of each seal system.
  • Download File  (19.59 MB)

  • Site Survey Guide

  • This document details the required information needed to manufacture our fire seals.
  • Download File  (7.48 MB)

  • MCL Fireproof Enclosure Systems

  • This document details our enclosure technologies.
  • Download File  (12.16 MB)