Industrial Fire & Thermal Asset Protection
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Pipe Penetration Seals

In 2023 MCL proudly released a new fire seal system to the world.

This new seal system incorporates the existing easy fit technologies and flexibility that has identified our product as a class leader since its inception in 1992.

In addition, we have raised the blast resistance rating and offered increased durability and temperature range.

Our certification confirmed by a world leading underwriter details successful testing on various pipe sizes and product shapes, which include, elbow penetrations and multi-pipe penetrations.

All MCL’s seal systems are designed to allow gradual and determined cyclic movement between pipes and fixed sleeves.

The pipes movement may be due to heating and cooling cycles in process elements or due to natural flex in vessels and apparatus.

Our standard systems offer a true 25mm total movement capability in any plane and this can be increased if the design allows.

As no compression of the seals substrate is made during normal operation, the seal does not become less effective in use through cyclic motion, which may be seen in infill systems.

We offer several seal specifications that you can review further below.