Industrial Fire & Thermal Asset Protection
  • Certified and tested products to international standards

Health and Safety

Firetex seals and enclosures, and our metallic enclosure systems are multi-component systems made up from high temperature resistant cloths, glass cloths, insulation felts and blankets, metal foils, silica-aerogel panels and high grade stainless steels. Silicate fibre products are employed which have a patented fibre formulation giving enhanced solubility characteristics in the human body. COSHH data sheets are available covering all system component parts and for the special adhesives and sealants used in site jointing of wrap around retrofit seals.

To provide protection against the harsh environmental conditions such as those experienced offshore, MCL’s rigid enclosures employ high grade 316 stainless steel and for flexible enclosures and fire seal systems, heavyweight silicone coated glass cloths are employed for the outer encapsulation components.