Industrial Fire & Thermal Asset Protection
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Rating H0

Single Pipe

The H0 rated seal system does not require any additional insulation

For the standard conical form, a single sided seal system can be offered that protects against fire from both sides of the barrier. The blast only from the side of the penetration the seal is fitted.

If blast resistance is required on either side of the barrier the seal must be fitted either side of the barrier.

The seal has also been tested and approved in elbow and multipipe variants for single side fire and blast resistance


We have tested our H0 multi-pipe seal system for 120 minutes against hydrocarbon fire.

However, due to the complex nature of multipipe seals, design approval should be sought from your underwriting authority prior to application and use.

Pipe size range from 8″ 219mm Outside Diameter down to 0.5″ 21mm Outside diameter piping